Level Up your Last Mile Expansion Strategy

As the boardrooms of many CPG companies have set their sights on acquiring the next billion consumers from Bharat, we invite you to be a part of an extraordinary event that will enable you to deep dive into this Rural opportunity and ecosystem.

Rural consumers and retailers are evolving, seeking a broader notion of value in products and services. It's no longer just about price; it's about utility, aesthetics, features, and ease of availability. This paradigm shift presents a golden opportunity for your companies to pivot towards the distribution ecosystem, with Kiryana emerging as the best bet in Rural.

Industry's finest minds are disrupting this space, addressing the challenges of reaching rural markets. From the cost of reach and dispersed demand to erratic logistics and lack of genuine distribution partners, these innovators are enabling brands to expand at the last mile in a surgical and profitable way.

In just 18 months we have enabled more than 50 challenger and leading companies to foray into Rural and helped them drive Incremental Revenue Growth beyond their existing channel reach. Our XPAND platform has also enhanced their realtime visibility on sales data and operations to enable them take informed decisions.

Now, we cordially invite you to an exclusive, invite-only program designed to let you ‘Experience Rural Before you go Rural’.

Join us as we take you on an immersive journey into the heart of the Kiryana@Ruralinitiative.Prepare to dive deep into decoding the rural market network of retailers and gain a first-hand perspective on the vast opportunities that await.

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Registration are closed