Wish to work with us? Great! Here’s the Guidebook

# 3 Step process : Send profile, telephonic interview, face to face and confirmation ! Sweet isn’t it?

# An all star CV : first, a CV is to be “attached” to your mail (yes, we often get applications sans any attachment!), then do not forget to mention your contact details (check and recheck your number, yes that happens too, imagine a wrong number is hired and not you), Third : more skill oriented CVs are preferred.

# Send your CV naked or cover it with a cover-note : absolutely your call ! But we prefer not-so-naked profiles. Cover it nicely with a crisp, smart and short cover note.

# Social footprints : we not only like to work with socially active colleagues, but a social-media-enthusiastic junkie. If you are on Instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn, behance etc, include it in your application. (such a stalker we can be!)

# Jack of all trades ? Yes ?! (but No ! you can not apply to more than one category) : Your options to see where you fit best. If you still do not see a fit, apply “others” section

# Spoon feed us : Mind your e-mail subject line ! We get way too many applications in a day (yes, we are that popular). Why don’t you make our job easy and put the applied position’s name in your subject line?

# and yes, we are secretly judging you by the fonts in your CV!